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my life

Whats not to love?

this is just basically my life. everyone has an obsession.

im not a stalker. im a loyal. for life.
i am absolutely in love with
christopher saratakos.
love lives forever. hes perfectly amazing.
hes my hero. my idol. my inspiration. my obsession. my angel. my everything.
thank you very much. i will meet him someday. mark my words. i will.
me and her will drive to vegas. no matter how long it takes.
we'll hang out in the park. sunset park. and hope hes there.
and when we meet him, we will bring him rubber ducks.
and cookies. chocolate chip. ;] and maybe a klondike bar. hope it doesnt melt. ^_^

and when we do see him, ill squeeze her hand and jump up
and down and up and down.. and up.. and down.
and scream. and cry. theres no way out of it.

or we can go next summer. on a plane. for my birthday. =]
i want him for my birthday. thats all i want.
and mom wants to see him levitate in person. xD *evil laugh*
i have a plan. cant wait till next summer..
i'll be counting down. by the second.

im a very dedicated Loyal ♥ since january '05. =P

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